Marketing - Clever Pricing

Tue 04 Aug 2015

The price that your property is marketed at is very very important.  We don’t mean the value of the property, but the price point so your property can be seen by more potential buyers. Your property is worth £500,000, the agent suggests an asking price of £499,950. They believe that "it's a psychological price point", however this is wrong. We would always market the property at £500,000. Here are 3 reasons why:-

  • Pricing under the main price point is a cheap ploy, buyers see past this. Market at the price they want, half a million!!
  • £500,000 is an aspirational price point, they want to tell their friends and family that they have purchased a house for half a million.
  • £500,000 gets your property shown in more searches on Rightmove and Zoopla. At £499,950, your property will only appear on searches up to £500,000. If you marketing the property at £500,000, it will appear in searches up to £500,000 and of course any searches over £500,000. This can potentially double your traffic to your property advert.

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