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Plymouth Landlords do you have one of the 4050 properties that will be illegal to let from the 1st April 2018?

Fri 17 Nov 2017

Plymouth Landlords do you know about the new EPC Regulations that will affect rental market from the 1st April 2017..
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Landlords Accepting Pets in your Property? Hassle or Opportunity?

Mon 16 Oct 2017

Landlords often state no Pets. However is this not an opportunity to for a Landlord to maximise income?? or is this hassle and will you end up with a pet stain property?.
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Marketing - Clever Pricing

Tue 04 Aug 2015

The price that your property is marketed at is very very important. We don’t mean the value of the property, but the price point so your property can be seen by more potential buyers. .
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